We (Omar and his rarely maligned wife Christine) are traveling South America. We quit our jobs in DC, sold out everyone I know, and are bumming around Spanish speaking countries until someone hires us to go live abroad in a really weird place. Deal with it (please).

I will attempt to capture some of our tales through the written word in this space. I’ll prolly also throw in a few incoherent and nonsensical posts, mostly about dinosaurs eating cheese.  Above all though, this blog will be kid friendly, with few giraffes suffering in the process (legal disclaimer: I did not say none).

NOTE: All blog entries are written in a private capacity. The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not represent the views of his employer or its clients.

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  1. giy says:

    So when I hear the neo cons say we need to embrace the prlincpies laid forth by Ronald Reagan, I wonder what part. That would be the imaginary prlincpies that their collective imaginations have elevated to scripture.Just to clarify, I think either the post is unclear or I’m misreading it.Reagan didn’t pull the Marines after the embassy was bombed; I don’t even think there were any Marines in Lebanon prior to that.Reagan sent the Marines in after the embassy was bombed, but shortly thereafter their barracks were bombed and a couple hundred Marines were killed. That’s when he cut-and-ran. But either way your main point is still valid.As a side note, I recommend Hugh Pope’s book Dining with Al-Qaeda to anyone who’s interested in foreign policy as it related to the Middle East. There’s a chapter in there about his experience as a reporter in Beirut, and he chronicles in detail the events described above.

  2. Great story about the coffee scam in Ethiopia. The exact same thing happened to me, and I also read about it before I went there. Also realized it when they started dancing and got out of the place in a very similar fashion as you did.
    Reading your story made me laugh.

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