Patagonia by the Numbers

As of April 26, 2015 (yes, I know I am slow in disseminating information, but I am typing all of this on my flip phone), we are done hiking! Forever! After 16 days in Patagonia, we are finally leaving the region, prepping for a 28-hour bus journey to the town to Trelew (which is still technically in Argentine Patagonia, but considered distinct for the purposes of this post – yes, I have the power to redraw ill-defined subnational boundaries through the words of this blog, I bet you didn’t even realize that. Maybe you’ll be nicer to me now. Maybe).

After countless beautiful lookout spots combined with a similar illimitable number of wet and stinky socks, we are officially putting Patagonia in the books.

Not too shabby

Not too shabby


By the numbers:

  • Days in the Patagonia region: 16
  • Countries involved: 2 (Chile and Argentina)
  • Major spots visited: 4 (Puerto Nataltes in Chile, and Ushuaia, El Calafate, and El Chalten in Argentina)
  • Minor spots visited: 2 (Punta Arenas [Chile] and Rio Gallegos [Argentina] – mainly transit)
  • National Parks
    • Parque Torres del Paine (Chile)
    • Parque Los Glacieries (Argentina)
  • Kilometers traveled by bus: 3,815 (2,370 miles)
  • Hours spent on a bus: 67 (2.79 days)
  • Total days actually hiking: 8
    • 5 day-long hikes (7 hours or longer)
    • 3 half-day hikes (approx. 3-4 hours)
  • Kilometers hiked: 128 (80 miles)
  • Number of kilometers covered when Christine first voiced a desire to give up: 0.75
  • Number of glaciers sighted: 3
  • Number of glaciers walked on: 1
  • Number of rainy days: 2 (not bad for 16 days in Patagonia!)
  • Number of hikes for which the cheapest ‘waterproof’ shoes I could find at Sports Authority remained waterproof: 5
  • Pounds lost: 11
  • Peanut butter & Nutella sandwiches consumed: 33
  • Guancos befriended: 4.7
  • Guancos that reciprocated friendship: -2
  • Money spent: Hey that’s personal (but less than 3 bit coins)
  • Sasquatches sighted: 2
  • Sasquatches caught: 0 (including on camera)
  • Amount of times we will recommend Patagonia to the masses in the future: Infinite
  • Amount of times we will recommend Patagonia without waterproof shoes and on only two pairs of socks to the masses in the future: 0

IMG_2593 IMG_2562

One comment on “Patagonia by the Numbers

  1. M goldfarb says:

    Thanks for all the statistics. I ,as never get to South America but thru your and Christine’s eyes I feel like I know. The place a little better . Now I know what to get you guys fro gifts in the future — waterproof shoes or just good socks !!!! Love you guys !!!!!!

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